SUDDO was invented in 2015 by Dr Freddie Gick, a retired Scientist and Management Consultant.

Having spent many hours solving hundreds of Sudoku puzzles, sometimes against the clock, Freddie turned first to creating a spreadsheet to solve them and then another to create his own puzzles. Not satisfied with this he went on to create 16 by 16 puzzles and eventually 25 by 25 puzzles. Although several of these were published in books of Sudoku puzzles, 25 by 25 puzzles are extremely difficult to solve!

Freddie's next challenge was to create a version of Sudoku that was truly competitive, involved strategic thinking and capable of being played between people in different locations.

And so SUDDO was born one sleepless night, initially conceived as a game for two players, the idea of a solo version played against the clock emerged a few days later, followed by the idea of local and global Leaderboards.

Today, the finished game is ready for people to download free - Freddie's only ambition for SUDDO is for people all over the world to enjoy playing this exciting new game!