Playing online or offline


SUDDO can be played  by 1, 2 or 4 players all in the same location using a single mobile or tablet - or even just a piece of paper - see the section on paper-based SUDDO.

Simply decide on the order of taking turns, start the game and off you go. Each player uses a turn to either put a number in their colour or take one out.

Playing online - single player

By playing online a single player can record his time on the global system and may get to the top of the leader board. Are you going to be the fastest in the world?

Playing online - 2 or 4 players

Players can find opponents online by registering and either picking up other people who happen to be online at the time or by contacting particular players who they have played before or who are on their contact list.

When playing an opponent at a distance it is important to play reasonably quickly as they may not want to wait around for ages while you think about your next move!