Single player game

If you are playing alone, the object of the game is to place numbers in all the coloured squares as quickly as possible. Of course you must always obey the Sudoku rules - the same number must not appear more than once in any row, column or coloured square.

You can either fill one of the big squares first (for example, the Blue one) and then move on to another and so on until you have completed all the colours - or you could try putting a number in each big square in turn until you have completed them all. 

It is usually quite easy to fill in the first few numbers, but as the game progresses you will find that your choices become a bit more restricted. You may find that it isn't possible to put some numbers into particular squares - just because you have already blocked yourself. This is when you have to use a turn to take a number out and replace it. You may have to do this a few times before you complete all the squares. 

So a bit of planning is a good idea!

Wasting time by having to take numbers out and replace them makes your time a lot slower.

When you finish your game your time will show up on your own Leader Board and on a Global one - so you can compare your time with everyone else in the world!

Faster or slower?

It is usually faster to try filling one colour first and then work around the grid, for example Blue, Yellow, Green and finally Red.

You can also try just putting one number at a time in each square and go round and round the grid until you've finished.

Try both approaches and see how you get on.